Technical Reports

UM-CSC-2001-001 PDF

The IJCAR ATP System Competition

Geoff Sutcliffe, Christian Suttner, Jeff Pelletier

The IJCAR ATP System Competition (CASC-JC) was held on 21st June 2001, as part of the International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR), in Siena, Italy. CASC-JC evaluated the performance of fully automatic, first-order ATP systems. The evaluation was in terms of the number of problems solved, the number of proofs output, and the average runtime for problems solved. The evaluation was done in the context of a bounded number of eligible problems chosen from the TPTP Problem Library, and a specified time limit for each solution attempt. CASC-JC was the sixth such ATP system competition, following the successful competitions at CADEs-13 to -17. This report presents the results of CASC-JC.