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The Department of Computer Science offers a BS major in Computer Science, a BA major in Computer Science, a 5-year BS+MS program, an MS in Computer Science, and a PhD in Computer Science. The Department also contributes to the university-wide MS in Data Science program. Instruction ranges from introductory programming courses through to advanced courses in faculty research areas.

Faculty research interests include algorithm engineering, applied cryptography & cybersecurity, automated reasoning, bioinformatics, computational complexity, computational geometry & computer graphics, computational neuroscience, data mining & data science, machine learning & neural networks, music information retrieval, robotics, scientific computing, semantic web, and sensors & wireless systems.

The Department in the College of Arts and Sciences. It is physically located on the third floor of the Ungar Building, on the Coral Gables campus. Prof. Victor Milenkovic is the department chairman. Prof. Odelia Schwartz is the director of undergraduate studies. Prof. Ubbo Visser is the director of graduate studies.

Zheng Wang takes a closer look at the genome

Wednesday, Nov 3rd, 2021, 9:00am, Ungar UB330G. Mr. Jack McKeown: Clause Representation for Proof Guidance using Neural Networks

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