Nelson Dellis Memorization

Nelson Dellis broke the world record for the fastest time to arrange a deck of playing cards memorized underwater


On Nov. 13 at the University Center pool, using waterproof playing cards, computer science lecturer Nelson Dellis sank to the bottom of the pool to study a randomized deck of cards. After resurfacing, he placed that deck on the table face down, then arranged a new deck in that same order. Dellis spent weeks leading up to the record attempt training his endurance underwater for the occasion.

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Zheng Wang takes a closer look at the genome

By combining cutting-edge computer science techniques with leading biomedical technologies, computer scientist and bioinformatic researcher Zheng Wang is poised to help researchers see every aspect of the genome in super-resolution 3D form—almost an impossibility through the microscope—to better interpret its biological meaning. Read more in the NEWS@TheU.


Nelson Dellis and Julia Shaw explain how to boost your memory skills.

Four-time USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis and psychological scientist Julia Shaw explain how to boost your memory skillsMany people complain about having a terrible memory. Shopping lists, friends’ birthdays, statistics for an exam—they just don’t seem to stick in the brain. But memory isn’t as set in stone as you might imagine. With the right technique, you may well be able to remember almost anything at all.


Prof. Ogihara named Director of Education at IDSC.

Congratulations to Prof. Mitsu Ogihara, who has been named Director of Education at the University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing.


Prof. Liang receives a Provost's Award For Magic Leap Application Development, and a Provost's Research Award

Congratulations to Prof. Liang Liang, who has been awarded a Provost's Award For Magic Leap Application Development for "Mixed Reality Visualization of Aortic Aneurysm Diagnosis Results", and a Provost's Research Award for "Robust Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis.

 Liang research

Prof. Milenkovic and Team to build an Intuitive Interface for Human Robot Interaction

Congratulations to Prof. Victor Milenkovic, Prof. Ubbo Visser, Joe Masterjohn, and Pedro Pena, who have been awarded funding to build an "Intuitive Interface for Human Robot Interaction", using Magic Leap technology and Prof. Visser's HSR robot.

 Magic Robot